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The Zest PLUS

The Zest PLUS mini exercise bike is a solid, intermediate-level machine, suitable for the majority of people who are committed to improving their health.

It is so compact that it easily fits unobtrusively into any room which means that you can keep it ready for action in your sitting room, kitchen or bedroom. Now when you want to exercise, you no longer have to:

• go to the gym
• check to see if the weather is okay outside or
• go off to another room.

You can stay in the warmth and comfort of your usual room and continue to watch TV, listen to the radio or read a magazine whilst you simultaneously get some light, cardiovascular exercise. It could not be any easier!

It is sturdy and robust and also has a good variable resistance mechanism which will enable you to exercise at greater intensity.

So as you get fitter, you will be able to progressively increase the resistance by turning the tension dial on the front of the machine and push yourself a little bit further. Not only will you increasingly improve the health of your heart but, by burning more calories, you will lose more weight.
The good variable resistance of the Zest PLUS makes it ideal for people who want an intensive workout.
The Zest PLUS has an attractive chunky design and weighs just 6.5 kilograms. In addition to the rubber anti-movement pads on the feet it also comes with a thin rubber mat to reduce sliding even more.

All these features make the Zest PLUS the best choice for the majority of people who are committed to keeping fit.

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